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Nicholas Lovelace 1 hours ago

set order for 150m  rs07 gp , big order for latest days due to GM ban , but Leo delivered it fast in 10mins,  very good 

Luke Taylor 2 days ago

sold 100m dofus kamas  to  Leo ,  got my WU payment in 8mins , Leo is always the best serviceman 

Zackery Glover 3 days ago

bought 20m OSRS gp  from Aimee , met in game in 2mins , there were some imposters in game PM me,Aimee told me not talk in game, i got golds and left there soon ,now everything is ok :)

David Papariella 5 days ago

set order for star Star Trek Online XBOX STO-XBOX 50 M Energy Credits ,traded by face to face in 8mins,  very good seller  

Alex Schaper 1 weeks ago

set order for 15m osrs gp here and got in 3mins ,there are some scammers in game when u meet for golds ,do not answer them in game ,that is very important

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